About the Office of Epidemiology

Fulton County Board of Health - Epidemiology

The Office of Epidemiology tracks the occurrence, growth, and development of diseases and illnesses in order to protect the health of the general public.

While the ultimate goal is quick containment, when the threat of an outbreak escalates, this program provides assessment and coordinates with other government agencies to create strategies and policies that address arising issues.

In order to prevent the future spread or a return of an outbreak, our Epidemiology office releases ongoing guidance and continued education to populations who are most at risk.

Our Office May:

  • Conduct surveillance to detect diseases and adverse health conditions;
  • Investigate reports of acute diseases and outbreaks, or of unusual health conditions;
  • Provide guidance for individuals, healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and other organizations;
  • Recommend actions for prevention, treatment, and control;
  • Conduct data analyses and disseminate information from surveillance systems;
  • Carry out additional activities in the interest of public health.

To Report Other Diseases Please Fax:

  • STI’s: Fax report to 770-264-7528
  • TB: Fax reports to 770-264-7532

Contact Info:

Fulton County Board of Health, Office of Epidemiology

10 Park Place S.E. | Atlanta, GA 30303 | Map of Location
Phone: 770-520-7500 | Fax: 770-264-7470
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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