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Fulton County Board of Health - Children 1st

Children 1st is a population-based system in the State of Georgia, that serves as an entry point into all public health services for children, from birth to 5-years of age. Under this program, children are screened and those who are found to have sufficient biological, social, and/or emotional risk factors are connected to early intervention services, as well as other public health services and community-based resources.

Children who do not present risk factors severe enough to qualify for an early intervention program remain in Children 1st where they are matched to a doctor and monitored to ensure that if sufficient risk factors do arise, the identification, screening, and placement into an early intervention program can occur as quickly as possible.

Services Provided:

  • Health screening
  • 1st Care: Specialty registered nursing services
  • Home visits
  • Nursing physical assessment
  • Parent education
  • Health developmental monitoring of very low birth weight or medically fragile infants up to one-year-old

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To receive a referral for Children 1st, please call 404.612.8770.

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