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Pool Inspections and Regulations

Fulton County is responsible for approving public swimming pool construction plans, issuing operating permits, and inspecting over 1,800 public swimming pools. Public swimming pools are facilities used by the public for swimming, regardless of whether the person is the owner, operator, lesser, lessee or licensor. Private residential pools are not included in this description. All public swimming pools must receive an annual Operating Permit, and inspections are performed routinely based on their operating season. Plans must be approved by Environmental Health Services for all new pools as well as modifications to existing pools prior to construction.

Permit Expirations

Operating Permits for pools that are operated all year round are due to expire on March 1 of each year.  The permitting period for pools that are operated on a seasonal basis is April 1 through October 31.  If you do not receive an invoice for your pool(s) by April 30, please contact the Fulton County Board of Health, Environmental Health Services at: 770-520-7472.

Completed applications along with the appropriate fees (Year-Round – $700.00; Seasonal (April – October) – $525.00) can be mailed or delivered to the district office closest to where your pool is located.

Renewal of your Operating Permit can be completed in 5 easy steps:

    1. Payment – Return the completed Operating Application and remit payment of your annual fee when you receive your invoice. Payment can be made in-person, via mail, or online.  Accepted forms of payment are:  business check, certified check, money order, and credit/debit.
    2. Prepare – Use 2024 Pool Packet to prepare for the upcoming inspection.
    3. Request – Contact our office and request your inspection. Please note that inspections are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
    4. Schedule – The Environmental Health Specialist (EHS)(inspector) assigned to your facility will follow-up with your Certified Operator to schedule the inspection. Please note that the inspection will be scheduled with the Certified Operator and not the facility manager or other staff members.
    5. Inspect – Your Certified Operator will meet our EHS to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in the rule. When the pool achieves 100% compliance, the Operating Permit will be issued.

Construction of a New Pool

A minimum of two (2) sets of plans must be submitted to our office along with a completed Construction Application, notarized Verification of ResidencyHydraulic Analysis worksheet, specification/cut sheets for all equipment, and other supporting documentation.  Please see the Swimming Pool Plan Review Checklist for a complete list of documents that must be included within your application packet.

All public swimming pools must be constructed by a Certified Pool Contractor.  For additional information on obtaining this certification, please contact our office at 770-520-7500

Modification of an Existing Pool

Examples of pool modifications include, but are not limited to:  replacing the pump, replacing the filter, replacing the heater, resurfacing the deck, re-plastering the pool, replacing the main drain covers, replacing or altering the barrier around the pool, and altering the lighting (underwater and/or at the deck).

The contractor who wishes to obtain a Modification Permit must complete the Modification Application and submit it along with a notarized Verification of Residency form and pay the applicable fee.

Change of Ownership

If your facility is under new ownership, our records must be updated before we can continue with the permitting process.  Please provide the following:


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