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Environmental Health

Fulton County Board of Health - Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Services Department works to ensure that the air we breathe, the water we drink and use, and the food we consume are free from contamination and harm.

Environmental Health Services coordinates and oversees the programs and regulations that prevent illness, injury, and death from human interaction with the environment. We investigate and respond to health emergencies (including those that may be of a chemical or biological nature) that pose a risk to the citizens of Fulton County. Our staff works to especially safeguard the health of those that may be vulnerable to environmental hazards-children, the elderly and those with disabilities.

We serve the public from these three district offices:

1. North Fulton Regional Health Center

3155 Royal Drive | Alpharetta, GA 30022
770-520-7500 | Map of location

2. 10 Park Place Health Center

10 Park Place S.E. | Atlanta, GA 30303
770-520-7500 | Map of Location

3. College Park Regional Health Center

1920 John Wesley Avenue | College Park, GA 30337
770-520-7500 | Map of location

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