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  • City of Atlanta and Public Health Partners add COVID-19 PCR Testing Kiosks in Atlanta

City of Atlanta and Public Health Partners add COVID-19 PCR Testing Kiosks in Atlanta

ATLANTA – The City of Atlanta has partnered with the Georgia Department of Public Health and Fulton County Board of Health to add COVID-19 PCR testing kiosks across Atlanta. The first of three kiosks opened at Piedmont Park’s 10th Street and Charles Allen Dr. NE entrance on Sunday, September 10.

The next two COVID-19 PCR test kiosks will be set up at C.T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center and in front of the Department of Watershed Management’s building at 72 Marietta St. NW over the next few weeks.

Any resident or visitor in Atlanta can visit the kiosk during park hours (6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.) 7 days a week if they need a COVID-19 test. Upon completing a brief electronic registration form, the kiosk will dispense all items needed to perform the test, including instructions. Once the specimen is collected, the user can package the test and place it back in the kiosk. Specimens will be picked up daily and sent to an accredited lab.

“Self-testing is one of the best and most responsible ways we can collectively help mitigate any spread of COVID-19. This is especially important ahead of large gatherings and smaller gatherings ahead of the holiday months. Thank you to our public health partners at the State and County levels for helping expand access to testing by meeting people where they are,” said Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens.

“With the COVID virus still being a significant issue for public health and the communities we serve, it is crucial that we make access to testing resources a priority,” said Dr. Lynn Paxton, Fulton County Board of Health District Health Director. “The additional availability to more testing is especially important as we work to stop the spread of the virus and this easy access through the kiosks can only help our residents. “

There is no out-of-pocket cost for the tests, but for individuals with insurance, their insurance will be billed for the test. Results are typically sent to an individual via text or email within 48 hours.

In addition to masking and remaining up to date on vaccinations, testing is a key prevention measure that can help protect people and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

A map of all Georgia kiosk and other testing locations is available through Georgia Department of Public Health’s Free COVID Tests Dashboard.


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